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When Donald Trump was mulling a run for the White House back in 2000, Fortune magazine reported that he had combined his political appearances with 10 paid speeches for motivational guru Tony Robbins, so he could earn money while assessing a candidacy. “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it,” Trump told the magazine. The sentiment may prove prescient.
Electing a U.S. president who is also a billionaire can carry all sorts of novel complications. One, for example, is Donald Trump’s fleet of two airplanes and three helicopters (including a Sikorsky S-76 featured last year on a television segment called “Pimp My Chopper”).
When it comes to political campaigns, the U.S. Secret Service pays for agent travel, be it on aircraft, trains, boats or automobile. The campaigns of both Trump and Hillary Clinton have been paid a total of $5.45 million for flying agents around, according to the last tally available from the Federal Election Commission. Of that, $2.74 million was attributable to protecting Trump.
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