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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Want to win the mind of any girl in the first talk? Make these 6 easy jobs

How many times have this been done, a good look at a bus or street, a college or a girl in the restaurant. I want to talk about it. But I did not think how to get in touch with him. May have the courage to move forward
Saving, but the first thing to talk about is the whole thing got shocked. What should you do in such situations? Anything or not? 6 tips to stay-
1. Exclude the widely used lines for negotiation:
‘I have seen you somewhere before’, ‘I lost my mobile, I will give you a missed call from your phone, please’ – These lines coming from the time of congratulations for the conversation with the girls, any girl has heard thousands of times in life. So do not raise her resentment to hear the same thing once more. Rather think something new

2. Do not try to over smart:
Nothing is better than anything, even smartness. Keep this thing in mind while talking to a girl. Remember, negotiation is just the first step in building deeper relationships with them. So if he thinks that sitting in the first two words with him will sit down to be the most ardent king of his heart, then it will be excessive. So, ‘Can I get your phone number?’ Do not go to the national questions to start with. Rather, the question of “What is the book written in your hand?”

3. Say something that seems quite natural in that environment:
Start talking about something that seems quite normal in the environment. When you are sitting in a restaurant, with a girl, you can say, ‘Never eaten here before, what food can be best here?’ Or to talk to a girl in a bookstore, say, ‘Well, if you do not mind, my sister reads class and draws a lot of fans of crime thriller. I do not even scrutinize the book. What can I give to the birthday of my sister, something you can do?

4. Ask a question that is not possible to answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’:
If you ask for a meeting with a girl on a bus, then you will be silent with a reply of ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘do not know’, if she asks, ‘well, this bus will go to the temple?’. Then it would be difficult to talk to him then. Rather, the bus can not even go through Shyambazar bazaar, you can ask a girl on the bus,

“The South Calcutta boy. The road is not good sugar. How can I go to Shyambazar and say a little?
5. Maintain courtesy:
No girl can be impersonated in any day beyond the courtesy of modesty and modesty. So, talk with him on your face. It can happen in Hindi cinema that does not happen in reality, but the bizarre facts of the girls can be taken by catching the girls’ neckline and congratulating them.
6. Do not keep in mind any other purpose:
When first talking to a girl, think of that conversation as a first step in friendship. Then let the relationship move forward towards your rhythm. But in the first talk, if you think, ‘one day I will marry my daughter’ or something like this, but you can not normally get along with her. So do not allow this kind of thinking in the first place. Mind the open mind

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